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Welcome to The Clumpcast! The podcast about nothing! Tangents are welcome!

Shows 3/19/2016-4/18/2016


         RedHawks, Christopher Gold & TNOT, Steven Hillstrom- 5pm @ The Cold Shot

         Leah and The Blues Rebellion- 8pm @ Evergreen bar and grill

         Forcefield, Samyaza, Speedstab- 9pm @ Izzy's Dockside Diner and Pub

         Space Raft, Dusk, Motra- 9:30pm @ Lyric Room


        Frankie Teardrop, Earwhig, Wild Firth, Miserable Friend, Backer- 9pm @ Jack's Apple Pub


     Voice of Addiction, Butchered, BUD- 9pm @ The Reptile Palace


    Folks Like us Benifit- Be Alford, Barbara Hoffman, Tony Gonzales, Dan Flannery- 4:30 @ Outer Stage


    Minus 9, Ratsak, That No Talent Asshole- 7pm @ The Train Station

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Episode 0 A New Hope